Now you can play the unique Half-Life with lovely beams of ray-traced mild

A screenshot of the 1998 Half-Life game with a new ray tracing mod enabling advanced lighting. The player is in first-person view and holding a crowbar while looking up at soldiers descending ropes from a military aircraft.
Take a look at that stunning crowbar. | Screenshot: Valve by way of recreation mod by sultim_t

It’s time to mud off your trusty crowbar and see it in a brand new mild, full with colourful reflections. A PC mod of the unique Half-Life from 1998 that provides realtime path-traced ray tracing to the sport is now obtainable, and it’s completely beautiful. First teased by its creator sultim_t (Sultim Tsyrendashiev) over a yr in the past, the mod pack is now obtainable to obtain on GitHub to put in and play with the unique Half-Life on Steam.

Whereas a correct remake of Half-Life already exists within the type of Black Mesa, let’s say this falls extra within the “remaster” camp — very like sultim_t’s different tasks, including ray tracing to authentic Doom and Quake titles. The ray-traced Half-Life has parts that also look very late-90s, however tremendously…

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