Notion’s new calendar app is designed to maintain your conferences organized

A screenshot of the Notion Calendar app on a light background.
Notion Calendar is simply Cron, reskinned and deeply built-in with Notion. | Picture: Notion

Notion customers have been asking for an built-in calendar system for years. Now, Notion is delivering: it’s launching Notion Calendar, a standalone app that integrates with your whole databases and notes in Notion. It’s yet one more means Notion is trying to be the one app your organization must do just about all the pieces.

Should you’ve ever used Cron, the calendar app Notion acquired in 2022 and has been working ever since, you principally already know the cope with Notion Calendar. It’s only a redesigned, Notion-ified model of the app. Cron was at all times a quick, easy, nice-looking calendar with some intelligent options like Calendly-style reserving instruments and a command bar you need to use for shortly organising recurring conferences and the like. One…

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