No, dangerous leftovers didn’t trigger teen’s life-threatening an infection, amputations

Stock photo of leftovers in a polystyrene container.

Enlarge / A metallic ladle is used to serve takeout Chinese language meals from a plastic container, Lafayette, California, December 25, 2021. (credit score: Getty | Gado)

Medical consultants are calling out a rotten batch of reports articles that wrongly claimed spoiled leftover Chinese language meals prompted a teen to develop a life-threatening an infection inside hours, which led to the amputation of each his legs under the knees and components of all 10 of his fingers.

In actuality, the 19-year-old male suffered a uncommon and intensely extreme complication from a blood an infection with a bacterium that causes meningococcal illness. The bacterium—often called Neisseria meningitidis—is not foodborne, and its incubation interval is longer than only a few hours.

N. meningitidis harmlessly colonize the noses and throats of about 10 % of individuals. It spreads by way of very shut contact and instantly swapping saliva, corresponding to by way of coughing, kissing, and residing in shut quarters, like dormitories. Given the danger in group settings, many faculties and universities require college students to get meningococcal vaccines earlier than attending. Nonetheless, there has by no means been a documented case of N. meningitidis spreading by way of meals.

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