NASA calls Voyager 2, and the spacecraft solutions from interstellar area

DSS43 is a 70-meter-wide radio antenna at the Deep Space Network's Canberra facility in Australia.

Enlarge / DSS43 is a 70-meter-wide radio antenna on the Deep House Community’s Canberra facility in Australia. (credit score: NASA)

The Voyager 2 spacecraft has been gone from Earth for greater than 43 years, and it now lies 125 astronomical models from our planet. That’s 125 instances the space between the Earth and Solar.

Understandably, this distance makes it moderately troublesome for NASA to speak with its far-flung spacecraft—there’s a time delay of greater than 17 hours. Nevertheless, with Voyager 2, there may be one other complication in speaking to the spacecraft.

After flying by Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, Voyager 2 made its closing planetary flyby in August 1989 previous Neptune. Scientists have been additionally fascinated about flying by Neptune’s intriguing moon Triton, in order that they commanded Voyager 2 to take action on its method past Neptune, flying over the north pole of Triton. This trajectory carried it alongside a southward path relative to the airplane of the Photo voltaic System, and it has saved on reserving it south.

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