Machine Studying — Cloud-Native Mannequin Deployments

On this put up, we’re going to study concerning the cloud-native machine studying mannequin deployments.

Cloud-Native Deployments

In the beginning, let’s perceive the that means of cloud-native deployments. If we’re constructing an software or a service and we are able to deploy this software or the service on any cloud platform with out a lot ado, it may very well be known as cloud-native deployment. And the best way it’s made attainable is thru container applied sciences comparable to Docker. It is required to wrap the purposes or the companies inside the containers and transfer the container’s photos onto the cloud companies, comparable to AWS ECS, AWS EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine, and so on. The next are some essential points of attaining the cloud-native deployments:

  • Containerizing the purposes: In the beginning, the applying or the service would have to be wrapped inside the container.
  • Storing container photos in container repositories: The following essential factor is to establish the container repository. The principle use of the container repository is to retailer the container photos and preserve the versioning of those photos. Within the improvement surroundings, you can use an area container repository such because the Nexus repository or Jfrog repository. On the cloud platform, you can simply discover the companies that may assist in storing the container photos. An instance of such a service is the AWS elastic container repository (ECR).
  • Utilizing a container orchestration device for the deployments: The following essential factor is to arrange a container orchestration improvement surroundings. The container orchestration device comparable to kubernetes is a crucial device adopted by many.

As soon as now we have the container, container repository, and the container orchestration device, we’re prepared for the cloud-native machine studying mannequin deployments. Within the subsequent part, we are going to learn to use a few of these applied sciences for deploying machine studying fashions on cloud platforms.

Cloud-Native ML Mannequin Deployments

The next diagram represents the cloud-native ML mannequin deployments:

Image title

Fig 1. AWS ECS Cloud-native ML Mannequin Deployments

For the cloud-native ML mannequin deployments, the next are among the essential points:

  • Machine studying engineers or information scientists work on constructing the fashions, optimizing the fashions’ efficiency, producing pickle recordsdata, and importing the pickle recordsdata on a cloud storage platform comparable to AWS S3. This workflow may be achieved utilizing instruments comparable to GitLab and steady integration instruments comparable to Jenkins. Within the diagram, you will note that the ML engineers construct the mannequin and commit and push the mannequin code within the code repository comparable to GitlLab. Consequently, a Jenkins construct is triggered. As a part of the Jenkins construct job, the mannequin is generated and pushed on a cloud storage platform, comparable to AWS S3.
  • As soon as the mannequin is prepared, the following step is to have the Python builders replace the flask-related code and configurations. Consult with the diagram for the main points. The builders then push their code in a code repository comparable to GitLab. Consequently, the Jenkins construct is triggered. The Jenkins construct job ends in among the following:
    • Operating the construct
    • Constructing the container picture
    • Pushing the container photos on a cloud container repository service comparable to AWS ECR
    • Updating the cloud container orchestration companies comparable to AWS ECS. As quickly because the cloud container companies are up to date, the present containers are shut down based mostly on some insurance policies. New containers with the most recent photos uploaded within the container repository are began. Consequently, the brand new container hundreds the most recent pickle file uploaded in cloud storage, comparable to S3.
    • The brand new requests are then served with a prediction created utilizing the most recent pickle file.


On this put up, we realized about how one can use cloud companies for deploying machine studying fashions. The principle concept is to containerize the service, comparable to a flask service, which hundreds pickle recordsdata from the cloud storage service and serves the request with the predictions.

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