Lo-fi remixes of online game music is my new favourite style

Picture: Rifti Beats

I don’t normally work with any music — it usually distracts me — however not too long ago, after I’ve wanted just a little music on within the background, I’ve turn into obsessive about lo-fi remixes of online game music on YouTube.

I’ve already gone on report that I generally take heed to online game music whereas working as a result of a) I’m an enormous nerd, and b) a variety of online game music is already designed to be nice background noise that may loop endlessly with out turning into annoying. It wouldn’t be all that a lot enjoyable spending hours upon hours within the worlds of Pokémon if the music was all the time in-your-face and distracting, in any case. (I’ll give Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire’s hilariously outstanding horns a go right here.)

It is smart, then, that the infinitely listenable high quality of…

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