Lengthy gone, DEC continues to be powering the world of computing

A DEC VAX 8350 with cover removed.

Enlarge / A DEC VAX 8350 with cowl eliminated. (credit score: Adamantios)

Although only a few of the early gamers in know-how nonetheless exist, we use their creations to this present day. Bell Labs created the transistor, and Fairchild Semiconductor created the built-in circuit, however neither firm continues to be round. So is the case with Digital Tools Company (DEC). It now not exists, however until you are utilizing a handheld system to learn this text, you are utilizing a descendant of DEC know-how.

DEC was based in 1957 by Ken Olsen, Harlan Anderson, and H. Edward Roberts to construct small digital modules, however the crew quickly found that they may use these modules to construct minicomputers—computer systems that have been smaller and fewer highly effective (however cheaper) than mainframes, which have been the enterprise commonplace on the time.

In 1977, DEC launched the VAX, a brand new line of minicomputers that featured a 32-bit instruction set structure and digital reminiscence. Its working system, VMS, was a multi-user, multitasking OS that offered options we now take without any consideration, together with digital reminiscence, file sharing, and networking. It amassed all kinds of third-party software program packages that made it the most well-liked system in its class.

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