In terms of photo voltaic farms, sheep are nice groundskeepers

Image of solar panels with grazing sheep.

Enlarge / Sheep might safely graze. (credit score: Karl-Friedrich Hohl / Getty Photographs)

What makes a great spot for livestock and a great spot for photo voltaic farms typically overlaps. They’re each giant, fairly flat, and get a superb quantity of solar, being free from tall vegetation. As such, photo voltaic producers are more and more leasing farm land for his or her operations.

The rise in photo voltaic manufacturing has environmental advantages, however it might probably come on the value of diminished agriculture manufacturing. That’s why there’s a rising curiosity find methods of mixing ag and photo voltaic manufacturing in a single place. For Todd Schmit, an affiliate professor of agribusiness at Cornell College, this implies bringing out the sheep.

It’s nonetheless a brand new subject (Editor’s word: pun so unintended that Doug didn’t even see it till I requested), however some farmers are partnering with photo voltaic producers, the previous utilizing the latter’s land for grazing. The photo voltaic producers pay farmers to ship their sheep over to their operations, and the sheep chow down on the weeds and different vegetation that may develop to the purpose they block the Solar from reaching the panels.

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