How the MUGEN group constructed the final word combating recreation crossover

Screenshot from video game MUGEN.

Enlarge / Admit it, you have all the time questioned if Goku may beat Ronald McDonald in a combat. (credit score: Elecbyte)

The query, “Who would win in a combat?” is the basis of many fierce debates all through the historical past of popular culture. The notion of pitting characters from totally different properties and totally different media in opposition to each other is thrilling to debate. And on the subject of letting followers reside out these arguments, there are few higher shops than combating video games.

Even inside a style recognized for character-merging crossovers, there’s one two-decade-old recreation that reigns supreme on the subject of pitting all kinds of characters in opposition to each other. That program is MUGEN, derived from the Japanese phrase for “infinite,” which is an applicable title for a program that gives close to limitless potential for gamers to create new combating video games and characters.

MUGEN started life simply earlier than the flip of the century as a PC-based side-scrolling shoot-’em-up title, created by a small firm referred to as Elecbyte. The crew was initially experimenting with creating an engine to deal with the pains of so-called shmup video games however discovered that it simply wasn’t residing as much as what they’d hoped to create. Taking inspiration from a PC Korean Road Fighter 2 hack generally known as SFIBM, Elecbyte determined to alter course from a shooter to a 2D combating recreation engine.

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