Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Participant enables you to create your personal digital music room

Google Magenta

A brand new Google Magenta challenge (created by an intern!) enables you to combine lo-fi, hip-hop music tracks to construct a customized music room in your browser, with no musical capacity required. Magenta is designed to make use of Google’s machine studying methods for the creation of artwork and music, and the Lo-Fi Participant is a enjoyable instance of what it could actually do.

Once you open Lo-Fi Participant, you’re taken to a pixellated digital “room” the place you click on completely different objects — a clock, a cat, or a piano, as an example— within the room to alter the completely different tracks, just like the bass line and the melody. “The view exterior the window pertains to the background sound within the observe, and you may change each the visible and the music by clicking on the window,” Lo-Fi Participant creator Vibert Thio wrote…

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