Find out how to cease your emails from being tracked

An illustration of a letter envelope with a target over it with pixels floating around both.
Illustration by Maria Chimishkyan

All of these obnoxious advertising and marketing emails that crowd your inbox aren’t simply pushing a product. They’re additionally monitoring whether or not you’ve opened the e-mail, whenever you opened it, and the place you have been on the time by utilizing software program like Mailchimp to embed monitoring software program into the message.

How does it work? A single monitoring pixel is embedded within the e mail, normally (however not at all times) hidden inside a picture or a hyperlink. When the e-mail is opened, code inside the pixel sends the data again to the corporate’s server.

There have been some makes an attempt to limit the quantity of knowledge that may be transmitted this manner. For instance, since 2014, Google has served all photographs in Gmail by its personal proxy servers, which might conceal your location from at the very least some…

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