Experiences of Pixel 3s bricking with “EDL” message are rising

A rising variety of Pixel Three and three XL customers say their telephones are dying an early dying. For months, studies have been piling up on Google’s subject tracker, help boards, and Reddit, all saying mainly the identical factor: sooner or later, the telephones all of the sudden cease working and turn out to be fully unresponsive. The telephones cannot boot into Android and can solely present a Qualcomm restoration mode referred to as “Emergency Obtain (EDL) mode.”

The telephones that show EDL mode are fully ineffective bricks. Some Googlers within the help thread are asking for Android-generated bug studies, which acquire a ton of diagnostic knowledge about operating processes. However customers cannot submit these studies, as a result of the telephones will not boot into Android. The conventional tips used to flash a contemporary model of Android onto the gadgets will not work, as customers cannot get out of EDL mode and into the conventional bootloader, the place they’ll use the usual really useful flashing instruments like “fastboot” or Google’s slick, new browser-based Android Flash Instrument.

EDL mode is never used within the Android hacking and restoration scene, however it’s meant for restoration, presumably earlier than any of the usual Android boot and restoration chain will get loaded onto the cellphone. When plugged right into a PC, telephones in EDL mode will determine as “QUSB_BULK_CID,” adopted by a serial quantity. The PC software program that communicates with EDL mode known as “QPST,” or the “Qualcomm Product Help Instrument,” and will theoretically try and flash a brand new copy of Android onto the Pixel 3, assuming you may get the total NAND picture in the correct format. Google admirably gives dozens of Pixel Three system pictures for obtain, however they’re meant for the conventional Android flashing instruments, not QPST.

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