Evaluation: Raised by Wolves squanders early promise with clumsy, weird finale

Amanda Collin stars as Mother in <em>Raised by Wolves</em>: a deadly Android reprogrammed to raise human children on the virgin planet Kepler-22b to establish an atheist civilization.

Enlarge / Amanda Collin stars as Mom in Raised by Wolves: a lethal Android reprogrammed to boost human youngsters on the virgin planet Kepler-22b to determine an atheist civilization. (credit score: HBO Max)

A pair of androids wrestle to boost human youngsters on a hostile planet in Raised by Wolves, the brand new sci-fi collection that simply concluded its first season on HBO Max. On this period of bankable franchises, reboots, and variations, it was refreshing to see one thing so unique and visionary hit the small display screen, and we had excessive hopes for the collection.

That hope was sadly misplaced. Granted, in its earlier episodes, Raised by Wolves is moody, atmospheric, unusually disquieting, and thought-provoking, with attractive cinematography. So it is particularly maddening that the present squanders all that appreciable promise with a clunky, incoherent finale that includes a hackneyed, ham-fisted, completely pointless twist that left us critically questioning whether or not we even wish to tune in for a second season.

(Spoilers under, however all main reveals concerning the finale—as a result of WTAF?—are under the gallery and we’ll give a heads up once we get there.)

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