EA’s CEO is following the cash to extra video games with player-created content material

A skateboarder is doing a trick in the air in this screenshot from Skate. The camera is low to the ground and the photo looks like it is taken with a fish eye lens.
The brand new Skate is predicted to supply plenty of methods to be inventive. | Picture: EA

EA sees a giant alternative in video games that allow gamers create their very own content material, CEO Andrew Wilson stated at a Goldman Sachs convention on Tuesday, as reported by Axios. Video games like Minecraft and Roblox with in depth participant creation instruments have turn into enormous hits with enduring recognition, and it feels like EA desires to seek out extra methods to let gamers create content material in its personal titles.

He highlighted just a few EA franchises he feels have notable inventive facets already, like The Sims (which is able to quickly be free to play), FIFA, and Battlefield, and talked about how the upcoming dwell service Skate title will provide many alternatives for participant creation.

“Similar to the actual world, the place skateboarding leans into trend and music and automotive and constructing…

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