Denisovans might have met us within the Pacific

The highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Enlarge / The highlands of Papua New Guinea. (credit score: David Kirkland | Getty Photos)

The inhabitants of the Pacific got here in waves. Aboriginal Australians had been the primary to cross the realm, and so they had been adopted by separate populations that inhabited New Guinea and close by island chains. Later nonetheless, the Polynesians, descendants of early East Asians, unfold via the distant islands of the Pacific.

Whereas trendy genetics has made these tough outlines clear, it has additionally made it clear that these completely different populations typically interacted, sharing DNA together with expertise and commerce items. Paleontology finds have made it clear that no less than three distinct hominin species had occupied a few of these islands earlier than trendy people arrived, together with the enigmatic Hobbits of Indonesia and a equally diminutive species within the Philippines.

A latest examine of the genomes of Pacific island populations gives a map of among the main interactions that befell within the Pacific. And it suggests no less than certainly one of these concerned the introduction of further Denisovan DNA.

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