China retains shopping for hobbled Nvidia playing cards to coach its AI fashions

The Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPU

Enlarge / A press picture of the Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPU. (credit score: Nvidia)

The US acted aggressively final yr to restrict China’s capacity to develop synthetic intelligence for navy functions, blocking the sale there of essentially the most superior US chips used to coach AI techniques.

Huge advances within the chips used to develop generative AI have meant that the newest US know-how on sale in China is extra highly effective than something obtainable earlier than. That’s although the chips have been intentionally hobbled for the Chinese language market to restrict their capabilities, making them much less efficient than merchandise obtainable elsewhere on this planet.

The consequence has been hovering Chinese language orders for the newest superior US processors. China’s main Web corporations have positioned orders for $5 billion price of chips from Nvidia, whose graphical processing items have grow to be the workhorse for coaching massive AI fashions.

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