CentOS is gone—however RHEL is now free for as much as 16 manufacturing servers

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Enlarge / CentOS was the popular approach to get RHEL compatibility without charge. CentOS is gone now—however Crimson Hat is extending no-cost choices for RHEL additional than ever earlier than. (credit score: Crimson Hat / DFCisneros)

Final month, Crimson Hat precipitated quite a lot of consternation within the fanatic and small enterprise Linux world when it introduced the discontinuation of CentOS Linux.

Lengthy-standing custom—and ambiguity in Crimson Hat’s posted phrases—led customers to consider that CentOS eight can be obtainable till 2029, similar to the RHEL eight it was based mostly on. Crimson Hat’s early termination of CentOS eight in 2021 minimize eight of these 10 years away, leaving hundreds of customers stranded.

CentOS Stream

Crimson Hat’s December announcement of CentOS Stream—which it initially billed as a “alternative” for CentOS Linux—left many customers confused about its position within the up to date Crimson Hat ecosystem. This week, Crimson Hat clarifies the broad strokes as follows:

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