As soon as once more, somebody tampered with a complete ingesting water provide through the web

Picture: Sean Hollister / The Verge

You’ll assume that one thing as vital as a city or county’s ingesting water provide could be well-protected — , like how America’s nuclear armament was remoted from the web and even relied on eight-inch floppy disks till only recently? And but we’ve now had two cases the place somebody was in a position to remotely log right into a municipal water provide in a means that would have harmed individuals.

Bear in mind the story of the Florida water remedy facility the place somebody was in a position to change the chemical ranges? One thing comparable occurred in March 2019 in Kansas’ Ellsworth County, too, the place 22-year-old Wyatt Travnichek now stands accused of shutting down the area’s water cleansing system “with the intention of harming” it, in keeping with a…

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