A tough roadmap to a COVID-19 vaccine

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

9 months into 2020, there’s one query on lots of people’s minds: “Are we there but?”

We wish to get again to watching bizarre films in theaters, consuming inside eating places as an alternative of on the sidewalks, and hanging out with our mates, with out that pandemic dread setting in.

Dangerous information. We’re not there but. However even in the USA, which nonetheless has the very best dying toll and case rely on the planet, there are some indicators of progress.

Within the US, which has relegated contact tracing efforts to the sidelines, and whose testing program is a muddled mess, a lot of the focus is on discovering a vaccine. It’s the place lots of people have pinned their “are we there but” hopes. “When we have now a vaccine” can also be when individuals hope they will put down…

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