A collision strips darkish matter, begins star formation

The dark matter-poor galaxies are so diffuse that you can see right through them.

Enlarge / The darkish matter-poor galaxies are so diffuse which you can see proper via them. (credit score: NASA, ESA, and P. van Dokkum)

The Universe’s first galaxies are thought to have fashioned at websites the place plenty of darkish matter coalesced, offering the gravitational pull to attract in sufficient common matter to create stars. And, up to now, it is inconceivable to elucidate the habits of virtually all of the galaxies we have noticed with out concluding that they’ve a big darkish matter part.

Nearly, however not all. Just lately, a handful of galaxies have been recognized which might be dim and diffuse, and seem to have comparatively little darkish matter. For some time, these galaxies could not be defined, elevating questions on whether or not the observations had offered an correct image of their composition. Nonetheless, researchers not too long ago recognized a technique the galaxies may kind: A small galaxy could possibly be swallowed by a bigger one which retains the darkish matter and spits out the celebs.

Now, a second possibility has been proposed, based mostly on the habits of darkish matter in a galaxy cluster. This mannequin might clarify a collection of objects discovered close to the darkish matter-poor galaxies. And it could counsel that galaxy-like objects could possibly be fashioned with out an underlying darkish matter part.

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