A cable firm that prided itself on no information caps says you’re getting information caps as a result of pizza

Web information caps are not like pizza — the place taking a slice may imply fewer slices for everybody else. I don’t assume Verge readers have hassle understanding this idea? It’s been well-established that ISPs haven’t any hassle delivering limitless information, even throughout — say — a worldwide pandemic when huge throngs of the inhabitants have instantly discovered themselves working from house.

This, nevertheless, did not cease WideOpenWest (aka WOW!) from utilizing pizza to justify brand-new, possibly-never-before-seen information caps for its cable web subscribers, beginning June 1st, 2021, as Ars Technica studies.

Right here’s a portion of the e-mail subscribers are receiving:

What’s a month-to-month information utilization plan? Allow us to illustrate …

Think about that the WOW! community is a pizza….

Proceed studying…

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