A brand new $110 mild gun for previous Duck Hunts: Ars exams an HDTV-friendly choice

Close-up photo of hand holding plastic light gun,

Enlarge / Duck Hunt with no CRT? It is lastly doable, due to the Sinden Lightgun. (credit score: Sam Machkovech)

Over the previous decade, we have seen almost each basic gaming console obtain a cute, miniaturized re-release—and the variability has been staggering, from titans just like the NES to arcade area of interest favorites like Neo Geo and Sega Astro Metropolis.

But one way or the other, one large retro-gaming class has been left unmined for a nostalgic buck: the sunshine gun style. Nintendo by no means packed shooting-gallery classics like Duck Hunt right into a plug-and-play Zapper, whereas corporations like Sega and Namco have by no means launched their legendary arcade gun video games as handy, shoot-at-the-TV collector’s editions.

Till lately, the knowledge stopping such a launch has been limitations with fashionable HDTVs; mild gun video games have been largely coded for older display screen applied sciences. However one enterprising Indiegogo undertaking from 2019, the Sinden Lightgun, set its sights on fixing the issue in a roundabout, DIY means: with a brand new plastic gun, beginning at $110, that mixes an RGB sensor with extremely low-latency response instances. After questioning how such a system works in apply (and more and more wanting a retro-arcade expertise in my locked-down dwelling), I lastly received my arms on the Sinden this week, supplied by its namesake creator, British engineer Andy Sinden.

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