$5,000 Google Jamboard dies in 2024—cloud-based apps will cease working, too

Much more Google merchandise are getting the ax this week. Subsequent up is Google Jamboard, a $5,000 digital whiteboard (and its $600-a-year charge) and software program ecosystem marketed to varsities and companies. Google has a brand new publish detailing the “Subsequent section of digital whiteboarding for Google Workspace,” and the long run for Jamboard is that there isn’t a future. In “late 2024,” the entire mission will shut down, and we do not simply imply the {hardware} will cease being on the market; the cloud-based apps will cease working, too.

Most individuals most likely have not ever heard of Jamboard, however this was a large 55-inch, 4K touchscreen on a rolling stand that launched in 2016. Like most Google touchscreens, this ran Android with a locked-down, customized interface on prime as a substitute of the same old telephone interface. The digital whiteboard might be drawn on utilizing the included stylus or your fingers, and it even got here with an enormous plastic “eraser” that might take away gadgets. The SoC was an Nvidia Jetson TX1 (a quad-core Cortex-A57 CPU connected to a beefy Maxwell GPU), and it had a built-in digicam, microphone, and audio system for video calls. There was HDMI enter and Google forged help, and it got here in whimsical colours like pink, grey, and blue (it seems like Google was going for an iMac rainbow and stop midway).

Google’s secret sauce right here was that Jamboard was closely built-in with Google Workspace, so it might pull in gadgets from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and all of your whiteboard work was saved in a filetype known as “Jams” within the normal Google storage. Like the opposite Workspace apps, this all labored reside over the Web. Individuals not in entrance of the touchscreen might launch the “Jamboard app” as a substitute, letting them get in on the whiteboard motion remotely, full with reside handwriting.

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