Astronomers remedy centuries-old thriller of supernova noticed in 1181

Enlarge / Hubble Area Telescope mosaic picture of the Crab Nebula, a six-light-year-wide increasing remnant of a star’s supernova explosion in 1054 CE (credit score: NASA/ESA/J. Hester & A. Loll… Read more

It’s all within the ink: Vinland Map is unquestionably a faux, new evaluation finds

Enlarge / The Vinland Map purports to be a 15th-century map with a pre-Columbian depiction of the North American Coast. A brand new evaluation has confirmed that the map is,… Read more

New proof reveals this uranium dice is probably going relic of Nazi A-bomb program

Enlarge / That is seemingly certainly one of 664 uranium cubes from the failed nuclear reactor that German scientists tried to construct in Haigerloch throughout World Battle II. (credit score:… Read more

Examine: Ants create steady tunnels in nests, very similar to people play Jenga

Enlarge / Two ants tunneling in inexperienced gel. A brand new Caltech examine discovered that ants seek for and take away free grains of soil when digging their tunnels, very… Read more

MIT scientists reveal why water drops transfer sooner on a scorching, oil-coated floor

Enlarge / Researchers have decided why droplets are propelled throughout a heated oily floor 100 instances sooner than on naked metallic. The photographs above reveal the mechanisms that trigger the… Read more

Occasion Horizon Telescope captures start of black gap jet in Centaurus A

Enlarge / Highest-resolution picture of Centaurus A obtained with the Occasion Horizon Telescope on high of a colour composite picture of your complete galaxy. (credit score: Radboud College/ESO/WFI/MPIfR//APEX/NASA/CXC/CfA/EHT/M. Janssen et… Read more

Finger wrap might someday allow you to energy up wearables when you sleep

A brand new wearable system turns the contact of a finger right into a supply of energy for small electronics and sensors. (video hyperlink) Wearables are so scorching proper now,… Read more

German scientists constructed a high-resolution microscope out of Lego bricks

Enlarge / {Photograph} and schematic illustration of the LEGO microscope constructed by scientists at Göttingen College. (credit score: Bart E. Vos et al., 2021) German scientists have constructed a excessive… Read more

What the physics of skipping stones can inform us about plane water landings

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New evaluation confirms speculation for supply of mysterious auroral “dunes”

Revisiting the aurora “dunes”: A time-lapse video recorded by a Scottish aurora borealis hobbyist Graeme Whipps was used to find out the pace of the phenomenon at over 200 m/s.… Read more