All the foremost gamers frolicked within the Denisovan cave

Enlarge / Neanderthals and Denisovans most likely loved the view from Denisova cave, too. (credit score: loronet / Flickr) At varied factors within the final 300,000 years, Denisova Cave has… Read more

2 current research sequence DNA from the earliest Homo sapiens in Eurasia

Enlarge (credit score: Hajdinjak et al. 2020) DNA from the earliest Homo sapiens in Europe provides extra element to the story of our species’ growth into Eurasia—and our difficult 5,000-year… Read more

Neanderthals used stone instrument tech as soon as thought-about unique to Homo sapiens

Enlarge (credit score: Blinkhorn et al. 2021) The entangled historical past of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals within the Levant (the realm across the jap finish of the Mediterranean) simply bought… Read more