Seminal Michael Faraday paper digitally saved in fluorescent dyes

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Nobel awarded for making frequent, low-cost chemical compounds into catalysts

Enlarge / Proline is a typical amino acid. It is also an efficient catalyst. (credit score: Wikimedia Commons ) Platinum is a ferociously costly steel that’s troublesome to acquire and… Read more

Examine confirms superior sound of a Stradivari is because of the varnish

Enlarge / A 1729 Stradivari often called the “Solomon, Ex-Lambert” on show at Christie’s in New York in March 2007. (credit score: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Photographs) Together with Andrea Amati and… Read more

Intrepid brewer dangers scalding to recreate recipe for long-lost medieval mead

Enlarge / A medieval type of mead referred to as “bochet” requires caramelizing uncooked honey in a cauldron over an open flame. (credit score: Screenshot/Gemma Tarlach/Gastro Obscura) Ah, mead, that… Read more

German chemists recognized over 7,700 completely different chemical formulation in beers

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Did lead poisoning trigger downfall of Roman Empire? The jury continues to be out

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Novel hydrogels can safely take away graffiti from vandalized avenue artwork

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MIT scientists research spider internet construction by translating it into music

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Scientific neighborhood on report of an odd chemical at Venus: Most likely not

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Craft brewers now have a brand new software for sniffing out hint taste compounds

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