Pink planet has a giant core, complicated crust

Image of a cutaway showing the martian interior, including its core.

Enlarge / Some seismic waves bounce off Mars’ core earlier than reaching the InSight lander. (credit score: Chris Bickel / Science)

We have discovered loads about our planet’s inside just by monitoring how the seismic power launched by earthquakes strikes via or displays off the totally different layers current beneath Earth’s floor. For over a Martian yr, we have had a seismograph on Mars within the hope that it could assist us work out the pink planet’s inside.

However Mars is comparatively quiet seismically, and we solely have a single seismograph as an alternative of a whole community. Nonetheless, with data of a handful of serious marsquakes, we now have some sense of what Mars’ inside appears to be like like. And a set of latest research signifies that it is fairly bizarre, with a big, mild core and an unexpectedly heat crust.

It’s sophisticated

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