How the newest and biggest Samsung and Apple earbuds lock you into their world

The recently-announced Galaxy Buds 2. | Picture by Chris Welch / The Verge

Individuals at all times take a look at me weirdly after I say that I take advantage of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Stay with my iPhone 12 Professional. But it surely’s a pairing that is smart for me: First, I want one thing that sits solely inside my ear, with out a stem that’s going to danger being knocked about by a motorcycle helmet’s strap. Second, they work with Samsung’s companion Galaxy Buds app on iOS, so I can nonetheless entry their superior options. And third? I simply love that they’re formed like little kidney beans.

However when you have been to strive the identical factor with Samsung’s newer Galaxy Buds Professional or Galaxy Buds 2 you’ll discover Samsung’s iOS earbud companion app hasn’t been up to date to help them. Samsung needs you to purchase a Samsung cellphone, so it seems to be locking you out of quite a few little…

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